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Common sense commence!

This is a website primarily devoted to electricity.  In case you didn't know, it can kill you.  You should really be of legal age (usually 18) before you follow any of my advice.  I believe I have made reasonable efforts to warn you where danger exists, but you should not assume I have.  I will not be responsible for anything you do, stupid or otherwise, because of information/products/advice you find on my site.

You will also find that you can sign up for an account on this website and post comments on some sections.  Please don't try and find any exploits, don't do something annoying, try to 'hack' or defame the website or gather any personal information about any of the other users.

Finally, I aim to keep this site PG-13 or better.  You know what that means.  Additionally, don't post links to websites that have no relevance.