Privacy Policy

As google would say, please read this, it's not your usual yadda-yadda.


I too, am a real person and an internet user.  I won't sell any of your private information if I have it.  Even as the site admin and owner I can't see your actual password.  It's securely salted and hashed away from even my prying eyes.  Also, you can use an OpenID for signing into this site - you may want to consider it if privacy is a concern.

Now, the real legal part:

This site uses cookies.  The cookies assigned from aren't used for anything other than keeping your session authenticated.

I have advertisements on some of my pages.  These third party advertisers can and will use cookies to track your movement around the web to serve more relevant ads.  Google specifically was nice enough to provide two nice links: DART Cookie and Opting-out of their cookie(s).  Basically, if you don't want to be tracked on the internet, disable cookies or take some more extreme measures.